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Mod Post

The following people have been cut for not commenting on the members cut.

If you feel that I made a mistake and you can be active and participate/request offers then you may join again. I do NOT want lurkers who never request!

090487, _fluzzy, alicexdemented, angelwolf24, bethie_p, bitty1721, breakdownbeauty, chanelamore, colleenmarie, copperized, cosies, creamiiicandy, cupcake, daynavon, dixiechick61688, dreamwriteremmy, ex_snuggles, geminigirl6879, harlequingirl85, heartswhisper, helinho, hogwartsvixxxen, jeanamarie, jedijen, jessicanickole, jtoth74, kandysmindfreak, leeweilin, limekush, minthorn, miss_thaang, miss_un_known, moof_mum, mrsroyall, my_written_soul, , nevermore82, nonvenomous, olivejoo, padfoot, percepti0n, prinzessbtrfly, pygmypuffle, rainynights, redtally, ricksprincess, rolypoly_laurie, samanthairis, sexaybeba, silverobsession, snapsh0t, snuddles, soystina, spirits, staceyxleigh, star_violet_13, starrkissed, supermassive_09, tempted_taboo, trickle, visionarynotion, vivirparaelamor, winged_embrace, wyckedwoman
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Emma's rules & resources

-Be polite! Niceness goes such a long way. :)
-If I made something, please give me credit. I worked hard on it and I deserve the credit.
-If I made a mistake on your graphic, I'm happy to change it. I'm only human and make mistakes from time to time, so just let me know. I might of had a bad day while making them. Once again niceness goes a long way.
-I appreciate you letting me know that you've picked up your graphic. I don't give strikes though.
-My DNM list is currently empty and I plan on it staying that way. The only way you'll get on it, is if you claim my work as your own or are incredibly rude.

Hopefully there won't be any problems. I'm pretty easy going and friendly :) Now on to the examples!!!





textures: mama @ beauties

Piglet & Pooh Besties

Krystina's Rules & Resources

My rules:
-Be polite!!! This is the biggie. Niceness goes such a long way. :)
-If I made you something, please give me credit. Although I'm not too much of a stickler for this, just don't credit my work as your own.
-If the blinkie I make you has a paid pixel, you must give them credit. (I will either tell you to keep the site's name in the filename, or give you information on how to credit.)
-If you're not going to use something, don't request it. Allow someone else to have your spot.
-If I made a mistake on your graphic, I'm happy to change it. But please tell me in a polite way. I cannot tolerate rudeness.
-I would appreciate you letting me know that you've picked up your graphic. I don't give strikes though, I've got too much else to do to keep track of that stuff, lol.

Hopefully these rules weren't too evil, lol. I'm pretty easy going so don't expect many problems. Yayyyy to that! :) Now on to the resources!

Freeware Pixels
pixelpeach sayclubsandmore

blinkie_help chratz glitter_graphic sharing_fiends

Blinkie Tutorial By Lori

Sarah's Useful Web Stuff: Blinkie Tutorial